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I get it. Life can be a struggle. The day to day grind can get overwhelming and we find it tough to navigate a new way forward. Sometimes all it takes is a little clarity. If you are looking for a way to reinvent yourself, to write the script to your new life, to get out of a rut, or to be inspired again, then I’m here to help!


Through a blend of coaching approaches and analytical tools, I will help you understand what drives your behaviors, identify options that allow you to thrive, and communicate more effectively in all areas of your life. Resulting in a renewed and consistent brand that we know as YOU.


Are you ready to commit to finding your passion and creating a life that works?




Jump start your new life with the weekly program. This plan has proven to be the fastest and most effective way of increasing positive change in one's life.  Through new behaviors and new outlooks, you are sure to gain the clarity you need to create the life that works for you.


Overwhelmed? Feel like you just can't get it all done? Then the bi-weekly coaching package might be a great fit for you.  With the options of meeting in person or via video conference, this plan provides the flexibility that is much needed in our busy lives.


Individual sessions are available to those who are not quite ready to commit to long term or scheduled appointments. They may be utilized as a check in or tune up, or added to any ongoing monthly packages.  These sessions may be scheduled on an "as needed" basis and therefore reduce the added worry or stress of your daily life.


My group sessions are an excellent way for you and your team to get the training and focus that you'll need in order to help you succeed. Your group and I will meet once a week for 12 weeks, which will include both individual and group exercises to further promote your learning. (MIN 5 / MAX 10)



Create your life purpose statement & mission that will be your anchor throughout the coaching. Then narrow down and clearly identify options that allow you to thrive.

Utilize a variety of analytical tools which are a valuable resource that provide insight into what drives your behaviors. Such as MBTI, DISC, VIA, Strengths Finder, and Holland.

Image alignment across all interfaces – networking, interviews, resume, social media.  Are you broadcasting a clear and consistent message?


Work to improve your listening skills as well as articulating your intentions toward more positive outcomes.




How long will the process take?

The timing of the process depends on many factors – seeking a new job, in the middle of a life transition, rising the corporate ladder; whatever the goals these are big changes that take time. However, I can promise you with the effort you put into this work you will begin to reap the benefits weekly and subtly see a shift in your effectiveness with ease. I have witnessed this time and time again and as a guideline I suggest a 3 -6 month commitment to the process.

What results should I expect?

Coaching can bring about significant change as a willing and active participant. I am goal directed and at every session will bring focus to your goals and work as your advocate and partner to get you there. As your Coach, I am acutely listening, using intuition and focus to your situation. I am able to make connections and pose questions that open up new perspectives while being straightforward and honest about what I see. Trusted Guide, Advocate, Truth-teller, Perspective offer-er, and Champion, I also use tools and resources that offer tangible clarity to put into action on your journey.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Specifically, Counseling is conducted by a professional educated and trained in psychological issues and therapies with a diagnostic quality. Typically counseling is addressing past experiences that have brought about pain and uses a variety of therapeutic techniques for healing those traumas.

Coaching is regulated by the ICF – International Coaching Federation which upholds the integrity of the practice.

Trained and certified coaches offer a “co-active”partnership;  present focused and forward thinking, empowering, goal oriented, mindset and strategy work. Coaching is not directive advice or therapy, though it does address specific personal projects and issues, business goals and general situations in the client’s current life & profession. Services include clarification of values, brainstorming, developing a mission and identifying plans of action toward these goals. With clarifying questions and empowering requests, the objective is to bring the client to new awareness and shifts in perspective that bring about sustainable positive change that does not waiver and always comes from within the individual.

Isn't this something that I can do on my own?

If you have come this far, looked up life and career coaches, read to this point of my website, then I think it's safe to say that maybe you have tried to make changes on your own, but you haven't succeeded.  That's because it takes a village and we all need somebody.  We are complicated creatures and we often need an extra set of eyes to point out what we don't see, or extra hands to pull us up out of a rut,  or even extra encouragement to motivate us to cross that finish line.  But the good news is you are just a few steps away from building that partnership that can help you form new habits and navigate life's challenges with greater confidence. 



During your introductory session, we will ensure coaching is a good fit for you and that you are ready to take the first step towards making the changes that you seek.

I will be your advocate and work collaboratively with you to not only define and set goals, but to achieve them as well. As your coach, I will often push for more from you than you might have been able to see for yourself.


Once you make a decision to move forward with a coaching package, contracts are set for monthly service and we create a schedule accordingly. Coaching sessions can be conducted in person at our office or via phone or video conference if that is more convenient. With every session, you will receive individualized exercises tailored to your needs and goals, along with email support throughout your coaching contract.

Are you ready to find your passion and create a life that works?



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About Me

I'm a lover of the outdoors and family adventure who has a desire for helping others from a holistic outlook. 

I can't wait to help you create a life that works!

I'm a native Texan from Houston who has called Austin home since 1995.  I graduated from Texas State University with a BA in Advertising and Psychology and started my career in advertising over 20 years ago at GSD&M.  Following, I spent time in the fields of marketing, HR & Recruiting, as well as Health and Wellness.  After years of corporate experience, I transitioned to a new entrepreneurial adventure by opening my own Pilates studio.  It was here that I realized my passion of not only helping to transform the physical states of my clients, but also that of understanding human behavior and change.


Now as a professional life and career coach, I am able to assist my clients with mindful transformation through many phases, challenges, and opportunities in their lives. Being deeply rooted in this city and state has allowed me to genuinely connect with my clients who are seeking something new, and my strong curiosity and desire to witness their success, keeps them coming back. 


If you're ready, then I'm willing!  Together we can help transform your life into the one that you desire.  Together we will help you move forward, take action, and deepen your learning not only in the workplace but beyond.  Thus creating a bigger, more gratifying life for you.  In fact, a life that works!


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